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At architecture pools we are the custom swimming pool design landscape architects at Land Art Landscape Architecture. Swimming pools designed by Land Art Landscape Architecture are located worldwide, will yours be next?

A swimming pool is the second largest investemant that a family makes next to the purchase of a home. A swimming pool design should only be trusted to a licensed, artistic and creative swimming pool architect. No matter if you are investing fifty thousand dollars or five hundred thousand dollars in your swimming pool the deign is what will make or break your swimming pool.

As swimming pool architects we will deisgn your pool to meet the requirements of your families lifestyle, compliment the architecture of your residence, meet local swimming pool design codes and address any site or environmental condtions or restrictions. A professionally designed swimming pool will draw your family ourdoors away from the stale indoor air and sedentary distractions of life. As swimming pool architects we strive to design your pool to be the centerpiece of your property.

The thought of picking a pool out of a catalogue of the odd shapes and sizes that a swimming pool builder builds is obscene and an insult to your home, your money and you as a consumer. Wasting time with a swimming pool designer who has no education or credentials is equally insulting. Swimming pool "designers" are merely commissioned salesman. They offer suggestions to upsell you on a filtration system, higher end finish or other item that generates a commision for the salesman yet with no concern for how the "design" will match your family's lifestyle, your architecture or your design aesthetic. Upon completion of the installation of your swimming pool you will wonder why the swimming pool designer has not come by to monitor progress or see the final work.

The smart choice is to retain a swimming pool architect from Land Art Landscape Architecture to design your pool, once it is designed you can interview qualified pool builders. You may also choose to bid your pool competitively to obtain pricing from multiple swimming pool builders and then interview a short list. The success of your swimming pool begins with the design and is in the details. The informed consumer understands thast a pool that is selected from a catalogue or sketched by a swimming pool sales man is profit driven. It is unthinkable to have a home builder design a house and just as senseless to have a pool builder design a custom swimming pool. Contact us to begin your design process.

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