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At architecture pools we are the custom swimming pool designers and landscape architects. Swimming pools designed by Land Art Landscape Architecture are located throughtout Florida and worldwide, call us now to make yours our next masterpiece!

Our swiming pool desing process can be conducted in person or through the use of modern electronic communicaitons. Once you contact Architecture Pools by Land Art Landscape Architecture we will begin by asking you to volunteer as much informaiton about your planned swiming pool as possible. During this initial swimmign pool design discussion we will listen and learn about your pool. Most likely you have been thinking about your swimming pool and its design for some time, you may have photos that have inspired you or memories of places you have been or times gone by. This initial discussion helps to navigate to your dream swimming pool's "BIG IDEA". This big idea is what your pool will be designed around, maybe it's a tropical paradise pool or a streamlined lap pool. Your words and imagery will lead us to your theme.

We will collect as much information as we can over the telephone and when possible will schedule a site meeting. This meeting will further the discussion of your swimming pool design as well as acquaint Land Art Landscape Architecture with your site. Your site has an identity of its own that is defined by your architecture, landscape and views. The sites and sounds of your site will help to define your swimming pool design.

Upon completion of our site visit and meeting with our Orlando Florida swimming pool designer architects we will prepare your proposal for services. This proposal will describe your dream swimming pool design as well as the tasks that are required to develop the design and prepare the construction drawings. This swimming pool design proposal will become an agreement upon signing and payment of a retainer. Once the design proposal is executed we will begin the design development process. Thoughtful and creative design takes time, depending upon the scope of your design the process can take from a few weeks to a year or more for more detailed and larger projects.

The swimming pool design that is created for you will be delivered electronically through web links for your review. Most designs are delivered in three dimensiolnal swimming pool design format with a video and image captures of your swimming pool design. Upon receiving your feedback regarding the design we will make adjustments and present it for input and approval. The design process for a swimming pool is a back and forth process with review and input sessions. Upon final acceptance of your design we will prepare the construction drawings required to construct and install your custom design swimmign pool and its amenities.

At Architecture Pools, Swimming pool designs by Land Art Landscape Architecture we strive to design swimming pools that are captivating. Many of our past clients indicate that their pools dazzle their guests whenever they have an event at their home. One recent client remarks that her "golf club meets at her pool twice a week for practice", what a compliment on that swimming pool design.
Licensed Landscape Architect and Consultants / Florida License No. 0001760