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    When designing swimmimg pools and spas, we specify the maximum swimming pool lighting possible. Many think of this as overkill, and so decrease the amounts, but a whopping 100% of these clients regret not installing more pool lighting as originally specified. All modesty aside; we told you so. The cost difference of installing pool lights during construction in comparison to retrofitting your pool is obscene. In general, the inclusion of each light into your pool will run approximately $300 to $600, upon initial construction. To add a swimming pool light after your pool is complete, the same pool light can run upwards of $2000, depending on the fixture chosen.

    While economics alone is an excellent reason to invest in more illumination, the real need is because the usual allotted lighting for each pool never seems sufficient. Trust us, a sufficiently bright lit pool will emit an other-worldly glow, similar to the resort pools reminiscent of your most cherished vacations.

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    The ability to enjoy your pool and spa visually from inside your home while not actively using your pool depends on proper swimming pool lighting. To be able to bring your outdoor living space inside your home through proper evening lighting is an added benefit of proper pool lighting. Additionally, some people may feel more comfortable if they are able to see the entire bottom of the pool, and if for safety reasons alone, please properly light your pool.

    The amount of swimming pool lighting that is required in your new pool will depend on many factors. Local code or ordinance will dictate the minimum amount of footcandles of light that are cast on the surface, this will be dependant upon internal lighting, the fixtures, the bulbs and if it is a residential or commercial pool. Land Art will calculate this during our design process and provide you with a spectacularly lit pool.

    Technology is our friend. Exciting, creative pool lighting solutions are newly introduced every year and getting more and more inexpesive and energy efficient.


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