POOL designs by LAND ART Landscape Architecture
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    Unfortunately, many pool builders perform less than satisfactory. Due to the transience of the home construction industry, some companies will perform stellar one year, shoddy the next. A good pool builder is more than willing to meet any challenge other than a plain rectangle or cookie-cutter kidney shape.

    Avoid pool builders who are too eager to change your design, suggestions to modify a pool is typical so the builder can save time and money and of course this savings is never passed on to the client. Remember that this is your pool, not thiers and should be designed to your lifestyle, taste and budget.

    We have come across many pool builders indicate that certain items on pools cannot be achieved, a subtle suggestion that another builder has done this on several occasions or that a more skilled sub contractor should be contracted usually brings the pool builder around to sticking to the design.

    Bidding for a pool builder is usually the most time-consuming part of the pool building proccess. A good way to avoid the usual hassle is to request the bidding proccess done by us, as part of our contract. The savings in time and effort is well worth it; ask anyone who has tackled this chore on their own.
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