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    Natural swimming pools (also known as natural swimming ponds or NSPs) employ a completely natural filtration system, acting like a small ecosystem, to cleanse water. Although popular in Europe for some time, natural swimming pools are just now gaining traction in the U.S. It has been our growing interest in energy efficiency and "going green," that has brought these natural swimming pools, which require no chemicals and very modest amounts of electricity to maintain, into the public eye.

    When you initially hear the words "natural swimming pool", you might think of a lake or pond, or one of the many sinkholes we have in Florida! While natural swimming pools are conducive to designs that resemble natural land formations, this is only a part of the many desirable styles that are available. Modern and contemporary designs are also possible, and for those who don't want to feel as though they are swimming in a pond, natural swimming pools can be designed just like any traditional pool. In fact, you can even convert an existing chlorine or salt chlorinated system into a natural swimming pool. Natural swimming pools and ponds are limitless in their possibilities in regards to design.

    So, how does a natural swimming pool work? Natural swimming pools use the cleaning power of plants to clean the water. By designing a pool with adequate flow, water is pumped through a shallow area that contains plants that grow hydroponically. These plants contain microorganisms that remove the impurities from water biologically. As the water passes through this zone it is filtered, after which it is deposited into a deeper body of water for swimming. As more clean water is deposited, the water from the deeper body is pumped back through the system where it returns to the shallow planting area, producing clean water the way nature intended.

    With the increase in environmental concern, maybe you have thought of possible ways that you yourself can help the environment. Why not help the environment while relaxing in your very own natural swimming pool? Natural swimming pools and ponds, in coordination with horticulture, reduce carbon in the atmosphere while passing off oxygen. Just like an estuary, life will thrive in your backyard. At the same time, no chemicals means the water is cleaner and safer for you and your family.

    We all know someone who doesn't want to get in the water because they're afraid to get their hair wet… maybe a wife, girlfriend or daughter? Yes, chlorine can cause damage to your hair which is bad, but chlorine is also evaporated into the air by the sun, and in some cases, may possibly be linked to asthma among children. With a natural swimming pool, you get clean, clear, refreshing water without the harmful chemicals.

    We hope that people continue to get interested in natural swimming pools. They're environmentally friendly, beautiful to look at, and their just plain cool! While natural swimming pools tend to be more expensive, due mainly to the fact that they are generally larger in size and require the installation of plantings. However, the energy savings will hurt your wallet less in the long run. As I said previously, natural swimming pools are fairly new to the U.S. market and are still a rare find. Be the first to impress your friends with a natural swimming pool designed by Land Art Landscape Architecture!

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