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    The cost of inground swimming pool design for our sample 450 square foot pool varies with the investment. One must first understand that a swimming pool builder will claim to be able to design your custom inground swimming pool and will send a "designer" who is actually a "sales man" to meet with you and up sell you on higher end items, larger deck and other items that are well above the price mentioned in whatever ad they were running in whatever local magazine of flyer that you found them in. Suddenly the $40,000 swimming pool that they advertised is costing $80,000.00 and the design that the sales man came up with looks like the 1992 swimming pool that your father in law has and is always complaining about. No one swims in your father in laws pool and don't fool yourself into thinking that since you added a $12,000.00 floor cleaning system that you or your family will swim in the pool that your being upsold.

    is at best a waste of money and at worse, worthless, that you will use that swimming pool. There is nothing custom about that pool and the sales man that is trying tp get you to sign an agreement high pressure style because the offer is going to disappear when next weeks flyer comes out has no idea about swimming pool design. The cost of this high pressure sales pitch is a thirty percent markup on the cost of your inground swimming pool. Of course this sales designer must make a months worth of sales calls to get someone to purchase a swimming pool but when he does it is a big pay day for him and a sad day at your residence. For our sample 450 square foot inground swimming pool we want to make the comparisons clear and understandable.

    In short, for either the concrete paver deck pool, or the cool deck pool, or the natural stone deck pool your design costs are the same. With a swimming pool company sales man designer with no education and only upsell training the "free" design will cost you thirty percent, yes, 30% above and beyond the actual cost of the inground swimmign pool cost. The value in this is zero as it is only a commission and the design that the swimming pool contractors "designer" came up with is simply pick a shape and add a bunch of amenities to it until you run out of money.

    Conversely a swimming pool architect will design a swimming pool for you that is truly custom, that maximizes the cost benefit of your investment, is designed to the style of your residence, its architecture and the use pattern language of your family. This custom design will cost abouat 20 percent of the total cost of your inground swimming pool cost and will most likely save you money off of the typical pool cost as you will be able to competitively bid the swimming pool design to come up with a short list of swimming pool builders to build your pool.

    You will interview these short list contractors to ensure that they understand the design and its importanct to you and your family and understand the specificaitons of the proeject. The builders will be given the opportunity to adjust their bids basede upon the short list meeting and re submit.

    What you may not understand at this point is these short list swimming pool builders really, really, really want to build your inground swimming pool as the design that your swimming pool architect has created for you will be a great addition to their portfolio. Of course they are not going to build it at a loss but they will strive to achieve their best price so that they can have the opportunity to build your custom swimming pool design.

    Now you truely undestand the custom swimming pool design industry and understand why people hire a swimming pool architect and the cost benefits of having your own swimming pool architect design your custom swimming pool.


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